Immediately after your procedure you will be moved to the recovery room or post-anesthesia care unit (PACU).  A team of specially trained nurses, in conjunction with our anesthesiologists, will monitor you while you fully awaken and begin to recover from your anesthesia and surgery.  The amount of time you spend and medications you receive during your stay in the recovery room will vary depending on the type and duration of the procedure you had in conjunction with your other medical conditions.

Recovery from a spinal or epidural anesthetic – Numbness and weakness is common and expected after spinal and epidural anesthesia and may take several hours to wear off.  During this time, do not attempt to walk (unless being assisted by your nurse).

Recovery from a nerve block – The area that has been blocked may remain numb or weak for up to 24 hours (longer if you have a catheter/tubing inserted).  During this time you will not be able to tell if something is painful.  It is important that you do not place hot or very cold things on the affected part as these could cause burns.  If you have a ‘weak’ leg do not walk without another person to assist you.