Dear Humana Patients and Supporters of Pikes Peak Anesthesia:

We had been in discussions with Humana since October of 2017 to receive a contract that reflects the value of our services in today’s dollars. It is our hope that Humana will provide a contract more in-line with other providers on the Front Range as it is critical to attract and retain physicians to our community practices.

We are doing everything expected of us by a health plan, however, we cannot continue to be subjected to below-market reimbursement (which is correctable by Humana at any time). We will make every attempt to negotiate in good faith, but we are ultimately at the mercy of the health plan to either accept their contract or go “out-of-network”. PPAA takes going out-of-network very seriously.

At this time, PPAA is still In-Network with Humana. We hope to be able to remain in-network and will keep you closely updated as to our network status.

We do value your trust and will work together with you to continue to be your Anesthesiology providers of choice.

Thank you for your support,

Pikes Peak Anesthesia Associates